Everyone knows how great a pedicure feels. But did you know that there are benefits to a pedicure? There are real benefits for getting a pedicure that is often taken for granted.  

1. Infection prevention

 Pedicures get down in the nooks and crannies of our nails and toes and remove any nasty bacteria that might be lurking around, and it cleans any dirt so infections don’t have a fighting chance. This also helps with fungi nail diseases and that pungent and prominent foot odor that can occur.

2. Exfoliation

Getting a pedicure exfoliates your foot skin, making it fresh and free of dead skin. It helps promote new cell growth so your feet are left nice and soft, and look even better!

3. Circulatory benefits

 When you get a pedicure and get those feet massaged. It will help ease any tension in your feet. Pedicures help get the blood in your feet circulate to help evenly distribute your body heat and relieve any pain that might be occurring.

4. Moisturize

To finish off a  pedicure, we can help by moisturizing your feet. The massage in combination with some nice oils will feel great, no doubt, but it also helps prevent any cracks and blisters that you might be prone to. This is especially great for those who love wearing open shoes and maybe walk barefoot often. You need to moisturize even more since your feet are exposed to the elements. Moisturizing also helps your nails from splitting

5. Relaxation

Let’s not forget,  pedicures can make you feel good and more confident, and they will undoubtedly feel amazing. The combination of getting your feet renewed through exfoliation and cleaning, then moisturizing to make them as you’ve never walked on them a day in your life, and the simple act of sitting back, relaxing and enjoying yourself, all make for a great reason to treat yourself to a pedicure.